SEN SPA is one of the most popular Spa in HCM for tourists .
SEN SPA supply high quality service and take full of customers‘s satisfaction when tourists travel in HCMC.
The staff can speak Japanese well and spa room is so nice.

Street address 10B1 LE THANH TON ST. DISTRIC 1
phone number 0906 20 06 02
business hours 9:00 - 23:00
Regular holiday NO
Reservation OK
Credit card Card OK

Recommended menu

  • Oasis (1.5 hours) : 1.100.000 VND

    Head & Neck massage (30 mins)
    Whitening Facial treatment (60 mins)

  • 2. Traveller's reatreat (2 hours): 1.320.000 VND

    Herbal stream bath + sauna + aromatic hot & cold jacuzzi (15 mins)
    Aromatherapary massage (75 mins)
    Foot care (30 mins)

  • 3. Heaven (3 hours) 1.760.000 VND

    Herbal steam bath + sauna + aromatic hot & cold jacuzzi (30 mins)
    Aromatherapy massage (60 mins)
    Sea salt body scrub (30 mins)
    Renew anti-age facial treatment (60mins)



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