LA MER BEAUTE JAPAN is a beauty salon supervised by Japanese therapists active in the world.
This spa offers high quality massages applying Western and Oriental techniques.
In addition to massages, the soa also has a sauna.
It is one of the few spa in Ho Chi Minh City that offers beauty treatments based on aesthetic medicine, using everything from aroma oils to beauty cosmetics that matches Japanese skin.

Street address 89 Calmette St. Thai Binh Ward. Dist.1. Ho Chi Minh
phone number (028)88911777
business hours 9:00~20:00
Regular holiday NO
Reservation OK
Credit card Card OK

Recommended menu

  • 1.VIP Course 2,530,000 đ 190mins

    . refresh facial
    . herbal detox
    . herbal body scurb
    . herbal massage
    . head massage

  • 2. Detox Basic 1,800,000 đ 150mins

    . Detox body
    . refresh facial

  • 3.Special Package 2,833,000 đ 180mins

    . Herbal foot bath
    . Herbal sauna
    . Herbal body scrub&pack
    . Herbal oil massage
    . head massage
    . Fruit body&hair wrap



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